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Underneath the big brain tree as the sun sets, Kurloz sits and holds his little friend Mituna's hand as he sleeps. Kurloz sits and watches the sunset, waiting for Mituna to wake up from a short nap he was taking after skateboarding around almost all day. He looks down at his little friend and can't help but smile through the black stitches across his lips. Mituna lay cutely in a ball next to his side, hugging his hand as if it were a teddy bear he fell asleep with every night. This gave Kurloz a small fuzzy feeling in his chest. He felt like he was important to his little friend, for him to be this close to him while he slept, his most venerable state. Kurloz turns his attention back to the sky and watches as a few dark clouds pass over their heads. Normally, this would be a concern, but they were safe and dry under the brain tree. Kurloz just continues to smile and watches as the clouds move and slowly turn the orange setting sun into a grey and dingy sky. Slowly but surely, thin drops make a small drizzle over the land and slowly start to become heavier. He looks at his little friend, who was sleeping just as soundly as before, which made Kurloz happy. He wanted his friend to sleep as well as he possibly could, storm or not. The rain crashes down around them, the sound of drops hitting puddles became more frequent as the water began to make puddles in rocky areas of the ground. Kurloz gently pulls his hand from his friend's grip and moves it to his cheek, gently caressing his grey skin with his thumb. He looked so peaceful, and it brought warmth to his heart. The warm feeling seemed to break in half suddenly from fear as a loud crash of thunder rung through the air. His little friend sits up suddenly and lets out a frail sheik, not sure what was going on. Kurloz pulls him over and holds him in his thin, yet strong arms and the fear in Mituna's face dies slowly. He begins to smile and hug Kurloz tightly, the rain pouring down around the Braintree.  Kurloz stands up with Mituna in his arms and stands him on his feet. The two let their grip go on each other and smile, seeming to get lost for a moment in each other's gazes. Another loud crash of thunder makes Mituna flinch and hide himself in Kurloz's chest, and his arms wrap around him tightly as if to welcome him in an instant. They wait a short moment, then Kurloz pulls up Mituna's head and begins to use sign language to speak to his little friend dressed in black and yellow with a yellow helmet on, his four horns poking out of the top. Kurloz signs, Let's get back to your hive before the storm gets any worse, okay?
Mituna nods to his moirail and grabs his skateboard off the ground and holds it under his arm as Kurloz holds his free hand and the two walk back together through the rain, not seeming to care how soaked they were getting. The trees were keeping them dryer than they would have been out in the open, but the rain was too heavy to avoid. Mituna was completely fine, with his helmet and his blue and red visor down, the rain was no bother to him what so ever. However, for Kurloz, it was becoming a bother. His skeleton like makeup was beginning to run, and his hair was all in his face. He would move it out of his eyes, but he had never been seen before without his face paint, so he didn't dare risk the judgment from Mituna or anyone they might happen to run into. Mituna didn't notice at all, not even glancing over at his friend as they walked, he just smiled and occasionally squeezed Kurloz's hand because of a small crash of thunder in the distance. Kurloz looked down at his feet as they are walking and noticed a huge puddle they had to walk through, but it isn't an obstacle, just a mirror for him to use. He looked into the puddle as the walk and noticed the face paint wasn't fading as badly as he thought and he moved his hair out of his face, smiling at himself. He still looked like a creepy skeleton, even in the rain, though the paint would eventually fade if he stayed out too long. A loud crash made both of the trolls flinch, and a sudden tug sent Kurloz down into the puddle and mud. He pushed himself up and shook his head around, slinging water and a bit of mud out of his hair, then looked up and saw Mituna running through the trees, obviously frightened. Kurloz held his hand up and reached out, wishing he could call out to his friend, but he knew he couldn't. Instead, he quickly got up and began to run after him, wanting to keep his friend safe. Sadly, he lost track of his friend and he is left wondering around the woods alone. He hopes Mituna runs straight back to his hive and doesn't get lost.
Kurloz makes it to the edge of the woods and sees all of their hives in the distance. However, closer by he sees something that makes his blood boil and his eyes begin to flash different shades of purple. Mituna was sitting on his ass on the ground, covered in mud, cowering under that jerk Cronus who was laughing down at him. His hands begin to get too close to Mituna and Kurloz begins to run straight at him with a tight fist held behind him. Mituna screams out for Kurloz as he tries to hide himself under his skateboard, and the next thing Cronus knows, he's flying through the air after a punch to the jaw and lands in a huge mud puddle. He freaks out a little as he looks at Kurloz, he becoming the cowering one. Kurloz gives him his middle finger, and then points off to the distance as if demanding him to leave. Mituna had already run over behind Kurloz and was hiding behind his skeleton pants and purple boots, watching Cronus. Cronus gets up quickly, wipes off his mud stained shirt, and almost gladly leaves their presence. Mituna watches behind Kurloz's legs as the strange man leaves, Kurloz staying stern until he is out of sight. Kurloz turns around and picks up Mituna under his arms once he is gone and wipes off as much of the mud as he can off of his suit. Mituna only frowns and looks down at the ground, and it takes Kurloz a moment to realize this. What's wrong? He signs. Mituna looks up at his skeleton moirail and yellow tears begin to run down his cheeks, his lisp becoming clear as he spoke, "Kurloths… Cronuths was touching me and then puthsed me down… I was so scared… Where were you…?"
Kurloz felt a massive weight on his heart and he himself almost felt like crying. His friend felt abandoned when he needed him most. But Mituna's next words made his heart flutter ever so slightly, "I feel stho sthafe with you, I'm sthorry for running, I thought you were right behind me. Please don't disappear again…" And with those words, Mituna buried his face in Kurloz's soaked skeleton suit of his chest. Kurloz gives him a tight hug and apologizes in sign language, then turns Mituna around and leads him back to his hive with his hands on his shoulders to let him know he was right behind him.
Once they reach the hive, the wind is beginning to rage, and Kurloz quickly pushes Mituna inside and closes the door, making sure he locks it behind him. Mituna sits on the floor and takes his boots off while Kurloz rids of his muddy boots, leaving them by the door, and goes to get some towels for the both of them. Mituna struggles with his other boot and hits himself in the head, but it doesn't even faze him because of the helmet he wears. Kurloz returns and kneels down beside him on the floor and asks Mituna if he wants to get out of those wet clothes and dry off. Mituna looks at him and nods, standing up, and tries to reach the zipper on his back. Kurloz smiles and grabs it for him, pulling it down gently, and Mituna tenses up. Kurloz notices and turns him around, asking what the matter is. Mituna looks at kurloz with a hurt face, his eyes still hidden behind his visor, "I justh… I'm sthcared of being touched now because of Cronuths… It feelths like he's trying to undressth me…" Kurloz gets another pain in his heart, also feeling embarrassed, and turns around, closing his eyes. But this only seems to upset Mituna more, and he makes his skeleton friend turn back and look at him. "No! Let me look at you while you help me… I want to sthee your face…" Kurloz begins to blush, not sure if his purple cheeks were hidden behind makeup or completely visible, but he does as his friend asks and helps him out of his suit while they face each other. Kurloz stands up and Mituna takes off his helmet and puts it on a nearby table, then looks at Kurloz through his messy black hair with a red and blue eye. Kurloz looks at Mituna's body, somehow covered in dry mud spots, and he smiles at his cute bumble bee undies. Mituna didn't care at all that his friend was seeing him so naked. No one ever saw Mituna in anything less than his body suit, same as Kurloz with his skeleton body suit and purple shorts.  Mituna smiles at Kurloz and takes a towel and goes to wipe all the mud off his body, but Kurloz stops him and takes the towel back, Do you want to go take a bath? Mituna smiles brightly at his friend and nods, then runs into the bathroom, Kurloz walking behind him with a smile over how cute his friend was.
Mituna sits on the counter and swings his legs happily as a little kid would as Kurloz gets the bath ready for his little friend. Kurloz walks over while the bath is filling, after adding some bubble bath to it, and grabs a towel, trying his best to wipe off most of the dry mud on Mituna's body. His hands linger over his chest, to see how dry the mud was, and Mituna's hands lay gently upon his. Kurloz looks at Mituna's face, who was looking down, and he pulls his hands to make Kurloz's wrap around him ever so softly. Kurloz didn't really understand what he was doing, but he didn't go against it. Mituna leans over and lays his head on Kurloz's shoulder, his hand resting upon his arm as he leaned on him. Kurloz leans his head softly against Mituna's and closes his eyes, embracing his moirail in his loving arms. Kurloz caresses down Mituna's back with his fingers gently and it gives Mituna chills, his eyes slowly beginning to close as he leans into Kurloz's shoulder more. The warm, loving moment makes Kurloz begin to lose himself, and he slowly begins to drag his stitched up lips across the skin of Mituna's shoulder, closer into his neck. Mituna doesn't even seem to realize what he's doing and continues leaning against him, looking peaceful and relaxed. Kurloz begins kissing his neck gently, adding a bit more force the longer he goes and his arms begin pulling Mituna closer against him. Mituna's eyes open and he lets Kurloz continue, and then gives a soft nibble at his neck. Mituna begins to blush and pulls on the arms of his body suit, "K-Kurloths…" Kurloz immediately comes back to reality and jumps back off of his friend, beginning to apologize again and again, until Mituna grabs his hands and pulls him back closer again. Kurloz stares at Mituna and he looks at him with his red and blue eyes, they almost seem to sparkle a bit, "I… I like when you touch me, Kurloths… I thought it was sthcary when Cronuths did it, but I like when you do it… It makes me feel warm…"
Kurloz, now becoming bashful and nervous, grabs a rag off the sink and wets it, then uses it to wipe the mud off of Mituna's cheeks in order to avoid the subject. Mituna just smiles at him, then takes the rag from his hand. Kurloz doesn't ever go against Mituna and sits still and watches him. Mituna takes the rag and starts to wipe of Kurloz's messed up face paint, also getting a little mud off of his purple cheeks, and Kurloz closes his eyes tightly, fightened by what Mituna might think of his true face; but he would never say no to him, and lets him proceed. Mituna continues smiling as he wipes all the paint off his face, then he puts the dirty rag in the sink and looks at his bare-faced moirail. Kurloz opens his eyes slowly and sees Mituna, still smiling. It brought relief to him, he must not be that hideous if Mituna was still smiling. Then again… it is Mituna.
"Kurloths, I didn't you were stho gorgeouths… Why do you wear makeup?" Kurloz's face grew a bright shade of purple and he looks down at his feet with a big smile that made him pull on his stitches a little bit. Before Mituna can say anything else to make his friend even more bashful, Kurloz picks him up and puts him in the bathtub.
I love these two, and I know they are moirails, but they are just too cute not to pair! Look at them. They are perfect. I do not own the picture. I do not own the characters. Like and comment for a part two and maybe more after that. This is going to be the only part unless you guys want more.

Tumblr: [link]

Part Two [link]
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